Web Data Extractor

Extract data intelligently from any websites without unnecessary manual actions

What makes Web Data Extractor different?

With the aid of our automatic web scraping function, web tables are processed with preciseness and converted into editable text in an Excel file format within a minute. Any form of URL is supported by our intelligent algorithm and gets your data well-prepared with just a few clicks.

Data Accuracy

The algorithm system can precisely read the web data after being repeatedly tested by our team. Data conversion to excel files is also conducted seamlessly and neatly with high accuracy guaranteed.

Easy Implementation

The procedure of extracting data from targeted web pages is easy-to-follow. Clear guidance is provided right next to the action buttons and it is effortless to have the necessary data extracted.


Manual data extraction is an expensive task with redundant manpower and time consumed. Nonetheless, the web extractor is an ideal technique that helps web-scraping in a cost-effective and budget-friendly manner.


Our web data extractor has simplified data retrieval from various websites to just a few clicks. It helps avoid the tedious and time-consuming process and even a large volume of data can be scraped swiftly and effectively.