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.jpg, .png, .bmp, .svg, .tiff, .heic

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10MB / file

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What makes Image to Excel Converter different?

Our unique algorithm reads a document carefully and thoroughly, unaffected by any watermark or background color of the table, to convert images into editable text in an Excel file where you can process the data accurately and efficiently.


We value character and layout accuracy of your work. Table Reader has been repeatedly tested for months and endorsed by professionals in different industries regarding its accuracy of file conversion from pictures to Excel tables.


The conversion speed depends mainly on your file size. We convert your tables to editable versions in Excel files as fast as possible. All tables in the pictures will be extracted accurately and efficiently.


We understand that your data might contain sensitive and confidential information. All data uploaded to and processed by Table Reader will be used for file conversion purposes only and deleted after conversion.


We offer advanced technical support by email or phone within normal HK working hours from Monday to Friday. Feel free to contact us also on the feedback page of Table Reader.