Web Data Extractor, a whole new industry-leading web table-Excel converter, has been launched.

Why Web Data Extractor was developed?

Tables on website can be hardly converted to an Excel file, especially those tables with hundreds and thousands of rows. Even with Table Reader, it is still very time-consuming to screen capture every chunk of a web table and merge them into a single editable Excel.

Given the demand, our team started investigating the possibility of integrating webpage screenshot module into Table Reader. Eventually, Web Data Extractor, featuring full-page capturing, supports all your needs.

What makes Web Data Extractor so special?

Our engineering team spent hundreds of hours researching and developing a solution to screen capture a website of unknown length. That means we are able to turn a fully-scrolled webpage to an image. After that, you can utilize the core part of Table Reader, OCR technology along with cropping images, to convert the website into an editable Excel.

How Web Data Extractor works?

1. Enter the URL of the target webpage containing the table.

Input website URL

2. Crop the screenshot to only contain the designated table.

Crop images

3. Wait for 5-10 seconds for Table Reader Engine to process the file.

4. Give us a rating to get the download links of result files.

Preview result

The future of Web Data Extractor

Web Data Extractor is now generally available in Table Reader v2.6.0. Try it out and let us know how you think about the tool!!

In the future, various customization and extension, including translation, will be added into Web Data Extractor. Please stay tuned to our update as well!!