Want to extract table data from financial PDF? It’s not easy, right? Well yes, you can extract text from a PDF just by copy-pasting but extracting tabular data from a PDF by copy-pasting can cause a headache! Why still work on it manually while you can extract table data from financial PDF in seconds!

PDF is the ideal advanced option for paper-based reports because of its phenomenal compatibility with smart devices and computers. It is broadly used for trading computerized business archives, like invoices, reports, and agreements. The most important benefit of PDF is that it is readable, independent, and portable.

How PDFs are used by Organizations

PDF files are being used worldwide right now and are widely used by organizations regardless of their business size. Why? It's because of their portability and ease of use. PDFs are easy to read, understand, print and navigation.

Some key benefits of using PDF documents in your company include:

Secured PDF: While having important information, like Bank account passwords, credit card information, the data or information must be secured. Hence, PDF files that are password-protected can avoid non-authorized access. It can detect that the PDF document has been opened or changed for ensuring security. This security grants businesses great confidence to extract table data from financial PDFs.

PDF Format doesn't Change: PDF format is unchanged regardless of the type of device.

PDFs Portability: It's always been easy to transfer PDF documents on multiple devices or computers without changing the PDF files content. It improves the shared file accuracy and that’s why PDF documents are used worldwide.

Financial PDF:

PDFs are used in huge numbers in the finance world, which derive the technical terms ‘financial PDFs’. The most used financial PDFs are shown below:

  1. Budget Report
  2. Income statement
  3. Cash flow statement

Budget report PDF: Usually, the finance PDF document shows you where the business stands, but a budget report is a future prediction report that includes money flow and income statements. To extract table data from a financial PDF budget report is a complex process and involves many steps.

Income statement PDF: This PDF involves generated revenue and costs to indicate whether the company is in profit or loss. That's the reason the income statement is the most crucial document. But extracting tabular data from Income statement PDFs has long been a struggle for many businesses.

Cash flow statement PDF: This type of financial PDF shows how money has been invested in & out of your company in three important categories: money flow, operations, and financing. The cash flow statement indicates which part of the company is creating the high amount of money and which areas are spending. Again, just like the previous financial PDF types, these have the same problem of scraping and extracting table data from financial PDFs

This statement helps to calculate the budget. For example, your company got a negative money flow, which means you spend more than you earn. This statement detects the best choice for your business to change the next week or month. Additionally, if you want to invest, the cash flow statement will tell you if your company is in profit or loss, which will definitely impact the investors.

Using Table Reader To Extract Table Data From Financial PDF

Amongst various online PDF to Excel converters, our recommended freeware is an enterprise-grade PDF extraction tool. Here may I introduce you to  Table Reader, one of the best OCR applications online. It is a free automatic data extraction software to extract data from PDF files and specifically, we recommend it to extract table data from financial PDF documents. The user interface is so friendly that it simplifies PDF extraction in a few clicks while reducing effort and speeding up the Process.


  • User-friendly and straightforward Process.
  • Not time-consuming at all, it can be done in a few clicks and minutes.
  • An automated process.
  • It is free of cost.
  • Unlimited use.
  • Can be customized.
  • Auto-detects table.


  • Can't handle PDF files with so many complex table structures.
  • Doesn't support batch processing.

How Table Reader Works

Go to browser and search "" or simply click this link

  1. an interface will be opened which look like this

2.  Click on PDF to Excel Converter as you have to extract table data from financial PDF by dragging and dropping the PDF file or click "Choose New Files".

3. Select the range of pages for table processing

(Maximum - 3 ranges. Eg, If the PDF file has 138 pages, you can fill in page 10 - page 14 as the 1st range.)

4.  Crop the PDF to help the tool process only useful processing area, it reduces the processing time to merely 5-10 seconds for Table Reader to convert the PDF file to Excel, and please kindly give us a rating to get the download links of result files. Here's how the rating section will look like,

The download section will look like this

To Reader by Author:

If you're looking to extract table data from financial PDF, using Table reader is  far better than doing it manually by copy-pasting. Using this software will reduce your time spent on redundant workloads. Hence, your file will be converted with no cost, secured, and in a few clicks!

Try Table reader now!