Data is anywhere in the workplace and PDF files are the commonly-used tools for storing and viewing text-related data. As an illustration, the quarterly and annual reports are generally published in a PDF document and people can access the reports to analyze the company performance.

To process the financial statement and conduct data analysis, Excel is frequently used. Yet, migrating data of performance reports manually from PDF to Excel is a hard task to accomplish.

Table Reader - PDF to Excel Converter is the best solution to solve this pain point and empower you to work more efficiently and accurately. In this post, we will further explain how it works.  

How it works - PDF to EXCEL converter

1. Drag and drop the PDF file or click “Choose New Files”.

Upload File
Upload File (PDF-to-Excel Converter) 

2. Select the range of pages for table processing

(Maximum - 3  ranges. Eg, If the PDF file has 138 pages, you can fill in page 10 - page 14 as the 1st range.)

Table Processing
Table-Processing (PDF-to-Excel Converter) 

3. Crop the PDF table to exactly only the table to limit the processing area.

Table Cutting
Table-Cutting (PDF-to-Excel Converter) 

4. Wait for 5-10 seconds for Table Reader to convert the PDF file to Excel, and please Give us a rating to get the download links of result files

Rating ( (PDF-to-Excel Converter) 
Get Download Link
Get Download Link ( (PDF-to-Excel Converter) 

5. Notes that file will be deleted immediately after conversion

If you’re unsatisfied with the result, you can give 2 stars to the accuracy and manually construct the line according to your preference.

Reconstruct Line
Reconstruct Line (PDF-to-Excel Converter)

You can only upload 1 PDF file for conversion each time. Kindly be reminded that the maximum number of ranges is three and the maximum file size is 20MB/file.